We are a development company that is good at GCP + Python + Django

We also provide IT consulting on web design / production, web system development, contract development of iOS / Android apps, infrastructure design / construction / maintenance, web service design / IT strategy using cloud services, business systems, etc. Most of the development achievements use Python (Django), and the infrastructure adopts Google Cloud Platform.


Koushuu Matsubara


Koushuu Matsubara

While working as a full stack engineer at a contract development company and venture company for web-related infrastructure, programming and design work, started loFT as a sole proprietor from 2015, and incorporated it into loFT LLC in August 2019. 。 I like using Linux, general machines, system design, programming, design, cameras, cooking, and walking. My specialty is programming, and my design philosophy is not to write my own code as much as possible. I borrow the necessary functions for each purpose from the OSS, and write them so that they can be reused if not. Web-related development is often done using Python3 and Django frameworks, and application development uses Flutter, which is compatible with iOS / Android. Unless requested, Google Cloud Platform is used for the infrastructure. Container design using GKE, which can easily use Kubernetes, or serverless design using App Engine, CloudRun, or Firebase is often adopted. The web design uses Sketch and Figma, and basically employs material design. The design design philosophy is "there are few operation procedures, the operation of the whole site is unified, and the operation is intuitive. The operation method can be predicted based on the experience of other sites etc. ". I like to implement the server side REST API, Firebase and frontend with heavy use of TypeScript and Javascript (Vue, React).

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Koushuu Matsubara
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August 9, 2019
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Web design / Web production / Web system development App development (iOS / Android) Contract development and Web service development Infrastructure design, construction, maintenance and operation utilizing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products Consulting services related to planning and development of Web service design, system design, business systems, etc.
In-house service
Payment service for photographers https://www.kshmy.com Online program learning service https://www.proggie.net blog https://loft.tokyo
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