Infrastructure and system development utilizing Google Cloud Platform ™

We support everything from web design and production, web system development, contract development of iOS and Android apps, infrastructure design, construction and maintenance on GCP, web service design, IT strategy, IT consulting on business systemization, etc. . Python has a strong track record in development, and mainly develops Web applications that use frameworks such as Django, Flask, and Starlette.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a general term for various cloud services provided by Google. It is mainly used for infrastructure applications. When building infrastructure with cloud services, other candidates include Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure, but the reason we recommend GCP is for Google search and YouTube used internally by Google Technology and infrastructure, and a rich set of functions that not only enhances infrastructure but also enables efficient application development.

Google Cloud Platform™

Benefits of using GCP


Website production
Nuxt.js + TypeScript
Developed and optimized websites with Nuxt are hosted on Firebase and CloudRun.
Mobile app development
Flutter (iOS / Android compatible)
We develop cross-platform compatible applications using API linkage and Firebase.
System development
Python, Go, TypeScript, etc.
We will develop using frameworks such as Django, Flask, Starlette, Gin, Nuxt.
Infrastructure design / construction / operation
Infrastructure utilizing GCP
We propose, design and build the most suitable infrastructure configuration on GCP according to your requirements.
Support from Web planning
One-stop support from planning to development, such as EC sites, matching services, settlement, and multilingualization.
Development support
Outsourcing at contract time
Design, programming and infrastructure can all be entrusted to full stack engineers.