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Web system & REST API
AI analysis platform
Designing, designing and developing websites for Django-based members. We have designed and built an API for an AI analysis system that links with a website. The analysis process is developed by a consigned company, and a Web service for users and an API for the analysis process that is the link are developed. We have adopted a method for companies to add an analysis module. There are no infrastructure personnel, so we designed a maintenance-free and redundant configuration. Adopting Google Cloud Platform, API is placed in a container-based VM that uses a load balancer, and the load is distributed by clustering. Also, in order to simplify daily updates, we designed CI/CD with CloudBuild so that it can be deployed only by operating Github. Cloud Run is adopted for the web service and Cloud SQL for the database.
Web site
A blog about engineering, photography and cooking. We use AppEngine on Google Cloud Platform to reduce running costs. If you do not plan to implement a complicated search function, replace CloudSQL with Datastore, and it is a perfect configuration for those who do not want to spend maintenance costs on a server using GCP.
Web system
Photo matching service
It is a personal shop type platform that can accept and settle orders for business trip photography for photographers. We provide multilingual systems and settlement services for Japanese and English for photographers. In addition, machine learning using VisionAPI and Natural Language has been adopted, the design is a container design using Kubernetes, and the backend is a frontend implementation using REST API, Vue.js.
Web system
Online programming learning service
We are developing an online web programming acquisition service. It is designed on a container basis, the infrastructure is designed and built with GKE and Istio of GCP, and the front end is implemented using TypeScript and Firebase. The program execution environment for users can be used without stress via websocket. The release is scheduled around April.